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Steps to Apply


Here we have outlined the process of becoming a LEAD event volunteer. You can use this as a guide to submitting an application and completing all necessary tasks if hired. The first 5 steps must be completed by all event volunteers, and additional steps depending on if you are volunteering for Head Start, Welcome Week, or both.

Step 1: Submit your application

  • If you are new to the LEAD program, you are only able to apply to the Standard Stream positions.
  • Returning volunteers are invited to apply for the Intermediate Stream or the Advanced Stream and can find more information here.
  • Applications will be available on February 2020. Applications are due sometime in March 2020. 
  • General Selection Workshops: there are five GSW available, on your application, you will select ONE to attend. Attendance is mandatory.

Step 2: Attend your previously selected GSW

  • Attend the ONE GSW training date you selected on your application. 
  • The GSW will be a bunch of team orientated activities used to see how you work in groups. 
  • Just be yourself and have fun!
  • Sign up for one of two General Training dates at your GSW.

Step 3: Accept your Volunteer Offer

  • Offers will be sent out on March 19th to candidates who have been selected as a LEAD event volunteer.
  • Check your email for your offer.

Step 4: Attend General Training

Step 5: Complete your AODA training

  • AODA stands for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
  • All volunteers are required to complete this online training 
  • It will be emailed to you by the Lead Student Coordinator at the conclusion of General Training
  • AODA modules must be completed by Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Step 6: Complete the event specific training

  • You were able to sign up to be an event volunteer at HeadStart, Welcome Week, or both HeadStart and Welcome Week.
  • Click the button below to find additional steps depending on which event you signed up to volunteer at.
  • If you signed up for both HeadStart and Welcome Week you must complete BOTH sections.

Headstart Stream Welcome Week Stream