Steven Palmer

History professor’s latest book honoured with award

Steven PalmerHistory professor Steven Palmer’s book on Medicine and Public Health in Latin America has won an award from the American Association for the History of Medicine.

Steven Palmer’s book, Medicine and Public Health in Latin America, has won an award from the American Association for the History of Medicine.

History prof unearths avant-garde 1960s medical film

heart's eye view of surgeryOpen heart surgery at the Royal Victoria Hospital, from the film shown at the Expo 67 Meditheatre, Robert Cordier’s “Miracles de la médecine moderne/Miracles in Modern Medicine.”

History professor Steven Palmer has found a film that shocked 1967 audiences with its graphic depictions of medical procedures.

New awards to keep local history alive

Finding ways to cultivate interest in local heritage and history and encourage its research is the impetus behind two new awards recently created by the Department of History.

Department head Miriam Wright says the Windsor area has a fascinating history that is central to North America but there is still relatively little written about it by local historians.

“Both awards are a wish to recognize the work people in the community do to keep the history, the heritage and the stories of this region alive.” Wright says.

Dogged by scandal, school left positive mark on nursing profession

Steven PalmerSteven Palmer will discuss his research on the Metropolitan School of Nursing when he appears on CJAM at 4:30 p.m. today.

It was unfairly dragged into a local sex scandal back in its day, but a demonstration school established in Windsor during the middle of the last century broke new ground and became a model for nursing education in Canada, according to a university historian.