University of Windsor Alumni Magazine

Fall 2014

This September, as the campus fills with first-time and returning students, our focus is—as always—to make this year as valuable as possible for each and every one of them.

There are countless stories of student achievements over the decades and, with each new year, we look forward to celebrating more. In this issue of VIEW, you will read some examples of ways our students and graduates are making a difference in the world. Our alumni and friends of the University of Windsor contribute to this in many ways. Success begins with desire, talent and hard work, and is enabled by dedicated faculty and staff. But its fulfilment often is realized only because of the support of others.

For that reason, we shine a light in this issue on the University of Windsor’s Annual Giving Program (AGP). Through the participation of students who call donors during the AGP fall phonathon, the contributions of on-campus donors, and the many donors, far and wide, who believe in the University, success becomes a collective endeavor and a shared pride. To all of you, we offer a sincere “thank you”.

The AGP provides funding for scholarships and bursaries, innovation in classrooms, and discovery in laboratories. Across all of our faculties, you can find examples of how this program makes a critical difference. Many of you reading this issue of VIEW have yourselves been the beneficiary of its support, and may have a story to share of how it enabled you to reach your own goals.

There is much happening across campus in support of student success. I encourage you to stay connected with us, visit when you can, and share your thoughts. As we continue to shape the university experience to be one that prepares students for a lifetime, you might be the reason students are inspired to broaden their horizon.

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Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor