University of Windsor Alumni Magazine

Spring 2014

This 50th anniversary year has given me more opportunities to meet alumni than perhaps any other time since I joined the University of Windsor in 2008. During the many reunion events, I’ve heard campus stories ranging the full spectrum from our 1963 graduates, right through to our recent alumni of the 2000’s. Each story contributes a new weave to the tapestry of experiences that make the University of Windsor such a special place for so many.

Alumni have reminisced about favourite professors, pioneering accomplishments, championship games, late-night study sessions and the excitement of walking across convocation stage. And some have shared stories of extra-curricular shenanigans that garnered many more smiles than course credits.

Through all of these memories, our alumni reinforce a common theme – a sense of place that the University provided during a critical chapter in their lives. It’s this sense of place that we continue to strengthen with our plans to transform the campus and prepare for the next 50 years.

Our Campus Master Plan extends the student’s relationship with the University beyond the buildings, and explores how the spaces in between connect with each other. In this issue, you’ll read about how this plan focuses on being a more people-centred place with pedestrian pathways designed to bring students together in spaces that offer recreation, creativity and even quiet contemplation.

Connectivity will play a major role in UWindsor’s future as it becomes less obvious where the University stops and the community starts. More of our academic programs are placing students in real-world situations, with close to ten percent of our undergraduates engaged in co-op programs. With this growing trend, UWindsor inspires people to meet the challenges of the 21st century and builds our local and global economy.

You’ll read about some of our entrepreneurial alumni in the second half of our two-issue feature celebrating 50 alumni of achievement for our anniversary year, and we know there are more entrepreneurial alumni to come. This last year alone, 17 spin-off companies were created by student-driven ideas. We’re also very proud of our award winning students, faculty and alumni that are highlighted in this special edition.

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Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor