Printmaking Studio

School of Creative Arts
Area Coordinator: Dr. Jennifer Willet

The Printmaking area offers several studio-based undergraduate-level courses that explore contemporary concepts and production in print media. The Printmaking facilities at the University of Windsor specialize in Intaglio, Relief, Mixed Media, and Digital Print techniques.  
The intaglio and relief printing studio includes an acid room (ferric chloride techniques), three intaglio presses, small table-top press, glass-top workstations, roll up stations, hotplate, hard ground and soft ground station, solvent sink, paper drying racks, paper sink, light table, and map drawers. In addition to the intaglio and relief facilities and equipment, students can access the Digital Print Lab (DPL) and the Sulpture Studio for digital and mixed media techniques.

Work Study employment is available in the Printmaking Studio. Applications can be submitted through the IGNITE program here:

View of the Printmaking Studio in LeBel

Alternate view of the printmaking studio at LeBel

Dr Jennifer Willet, Professor
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Kiki Athanassiadis, Technician
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