130 Year Road Trip

Friday, October 21, 2016 - 18:00 to 19:30

poster for live documentary 130 Year Road Trip

Dress Rehearsal for 130 Year Road Trip
Friday, October 21, 6-7:30PM
Lambton Studio A

Kim Nelson and Brent Lee beta-test 130 Year Road Trip, a Live Documentary, which will premiere Wednesday, November 2nd, at 6pm at the Capitol Theatre as part of WIFF 2016.

130 Year Road Trip explores the hidden history of how nineteenth century Canadian colonial policies were transported to Germany’s shifting borders and in effect from 1883-1945. It is also history in a completely new form.
The Live Documentary, a recent evolution in expanded cinema, has emerged at festivals including Sundance and Hot Docs, combining narration and music performed on stage, with documentary film projected on screen. WIFF 2016 will host the World Premiere of The Live Participatory Documentary, a made-in-Windsor concept that has been proposed at conferences in Europe and the US. This will be the first staging of that idea, merging live documentary in Part I, with an interactive Q&A in Part II, inviting the audience to guide the content and images. An innovation in interactivity and improv, this cinema-performance is comprised of a deconstructed history documentary with live music and narration, followed by a communal edit of the content based on audience comments and feedback, using experimental visuals and interviews processed through Max/Jitter VJing Software. Audiences are invited to watch, listen and alter historical storytelling.
Kim Nelson