OSC for Live Performance

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 19:00

poster for OSC for Live Performance workshop

OSC for Live Performance, a free workshop with Nicolas de Cosson
Thursday, Nov 10, 7PM
Lambton, Studio A

OSC (Open Sound Control) is a protocol that can be used to send and receive data and MIDI messages over Wi-Fi and control Core MIDI compatible software, hardware and mobile apps such as Max MSP.

Join us in Studio A – Lambton Tower (basement) for a workshop that demonstrates how to use the iOS/Android app Touch OSC to create custom interfaces to remotely control your Max MSP patches.

We will focus on creating connections between Touch OSC and Max MSP, creating custom interfaces on Touch OSC and troubleshooting patches you may have created and want to implement remote control with.

What does this mean for you?
You can use Touch OSC to create interactive patches that are used in performances, or create a custom control interface on your mobile device!

  • Remotely control your Max MSP Patch
  • Send signals over Wi-Fi from one patch to another

What you will need:

- Mobile device (cell phone, iPad, tablet –  running either iOS or Android)
- Laptop
- Chargers (always good to have!)  

-Laptop apps:

-Mobile device app

  • TouchOSC (or some other OSC app – however we will be focusing on Touch OSC)

Nicolas de Cosson is an Integrated Media Artist currently living in Windsor, Ont. where he practices digital wizardry. His work focuses on animating membrane-‐like projection surfaces and materializing the digital; in essence he is interested in the oscillation between being physically digital and digitally physical.

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