Creating a Theremin with p5.js

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 19:00

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Creating a Theremin with p5.js, a workshop with Alex Curci
Thursday, Nov 24, 7PM
Lambton Studio A

p5.js simplifies the native JavaScript programming code for artists, designers and creators as an accessible means to interact with the current tools associated with the online browser. 

We will use p5.js along with node.js in addition to other web development modules to create an interactive digital Theremin utilizing various inputs from your smartphone. 

This workshop will provide an introduction to these web-based tools and allow you to begin creating your own interactive project using p5.js

All required software is free and open source.  Please bring a laptop and smartphone device.

Don’t hesitate to direct any questions to prior to the workshop!

What you will need:

- Laptop
- Smartphone (Running Android or iOS, with Google Chrome Web Browser Installed)
*Smartphone isn’t fully necessary, project can be adapted for laptop use only
- Chargers (always good to have close by!)  

- Laptop apps:

- Smartphone apps:

  • Google Chrome Web Browser


Alex Curci is a visual artist and technologist completing his second year in the MFA Visual Arts program at the University of Windsor.  His interest and investigations into technology has driven his research into exploring the extensive depths of computational systems along with the accumulation of data and information.  His work examines the wired infrastructure needed to support our mobile devices and communications, bringing recognition to the vast network of systems that are constantly at play.

Creating a Theremin with p5.js workshop participants

Creating a Theremin with p5.js workshop participants

Creating a Theremin with p5.js workshop participants

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