WGS Emergency Fund

Students in short-term financial need may apply to these sources of emergency funding:

  1. Lucky Star Award
  2. Women's and Gender Studies Emergency Fund

Lucky Star Award

Award (not a loan) available to students within FAHSS experiencing financial crisis; at risk of having a utility shut off, car repair issues, potential eviction, etc. Go to the Awards Office (1st Floor, Education Building) and speak to a staff member about the situation, providing documentation of the financial need (ex. shut off notice). The University will write a cheque to the company/landlord on the student's behalf. Restrictions apply, but please speak to the Awards Office about your situation to see if you qualify.

Women’s and Gender Studies Emergency Fund

If you are a currently-registered Women’s and Gender Studies major or Women’s and Gender Studies double/joint major facing a short-term financial emergency, you may apply to the Women’s and Gender Studies Emergency Fund for financial assistance.

Please apply to the University-wide Lucky Star Award first, as the WGS funding is very limited.

The maximum amount you can request is usually $500. In extraordinary circumstances, loans above this amount may be considered. If your situation requires a larger and longer-term loan we encourage you to speak with a counsellor in Student Awards and Financial Aid (www.uwindsor.ca/awards) to find a more practical solution to your problem.

You may apply by downloading the application form (below) and emailing it to wgst@uwindsor.ca or you may drop it off in-person at room 250-2 Chrysler Hall South. You will be asked to complete the entire application in which you briefly describe the nature of the emergency, state the amount of funds needed, and outline a repayment plan. Repayment is without interest.

Your application will then be forwarded to the Women’s and Gender Studies Emergency Fund Committee for review. Decisions will be made promptly. To protect your privacy, only the WGS main office will know your identity.

If you have any questions, please contact the Women’s and Gender Studies office at wgst@uwindsor.ca.

Please read the Information and Application before applying: Women's and Gender Studies Emergency Fund Application [pdf]

Other Resources for Funding:

Students may apply for an early release of their next term of funding from OSAP by filling out an emergency loan application found in the Awards Office.

OSAP offers additional aid program/bursaries you can apply for. View their aid programs online.

You may qualify for any number of government benefits, you can search their database online.