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UWill Discover Student Research Conference


UWill Discover!
Student Research Conference

Held annually in the spring, UWill Discover is the university’s annual institutional undergraduate research conference, where University of Windsor undergraduate students present their original research and creative work to an audience of students, faculty and staff, and members of the broader community. These presentations, which showcase research from every department and faculty on campus, may take the form of visual presentations (e.g., posters or art installations), oral presentations, performances, and film and media productions.

Why is UWill Discover a valuable exercise?

Although many early-year undergraduate students perform research-related academic activities on a day-to-day basis, most don’t conceptualize original research as an accessible part of their university experience.

Compelling data suggests students who become involved in research at an early stage in their undergraduate careers experience positive outcomes (Crowe & Brakke, 2008).

UWill Discover therefore presents a very useful opportunity to acquaint promising students with the meaning of research in actual practice. The conference is an expression of the goals and aspirations of the University: to develop deeper and broader connections between teaching and research, learning and the community, and the classroom, lab, and working world.

Which students are eligible to participate?

UWill Discover is open to all undergraduate students at the University. Prizes are awarded to the top presenters each year.

How can my student(s) become involved?

Students interested in participating may wish to find a faculty sponsor, but it is not required. Students can attend UWill Discover workshops to learn how to write a conference submission, prepare for the conference, and develop an appropriate professional online presence and eportfolio.

How can faculty members become involved?

Please encourages students to consider taking part in UWill Discover – both students you are personally mentoring and those in your classes. The conference is also always looking for faculty members who are willing to act as judges. To find out more, and to consult UWill Discover's ajudication criteria, contact the Conference Chair.

UWill Discover offers support to faculty and students through the UWill Discover Blackboard page. Students applying to the conference will automatically be added to the Blackboard page. Faculty may request to be added to the page at any time.

The UWill Discover Blackboard page offers learning modules on composing a submission, preparing various types of presentations, and participating in the conference. Your participation and suggestions are warmly solicited.

Helpful guidelines for submission, including exemplars from previous conferences, are also available via the conference website.

If you believe you know a student who could make a positive contribution to UWill Discover, or you would like to assist with the conference in any capacity, please contact Dr. Phil Wernette.

Complete contact information:

  • Dr. Phil Wernette
  • UWill Discover 2018 Conference Chair
  • (519) 253-3000 x3437

For further information, please consult Scholarship at UWindsor's UWill Discover Archive.


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