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Aboriginal Education Council

Aboriginal/First Nation education at the University of Windsor is represented by the Aboriginal Education Council (AEC). The AEC provides advice on all issues affecting education in Aboriginal/First Nations communities.

To contact the AEC please email for more information.

Aboriginal Education Council members, guests and observers 2021-22:

Dr. Robert Gordon - President, University of Windsor (Ex Officio)

Eric Hill - Can-Am Urban Native Homes, Windsor (Co-Chair)

Kaye Johnson - Office of Human Rights Employment Equity and Accessibility (Co-Chair)

Phebe Lam - Acting Associate Vice-President, Student Experience

Cindy Crump - Director, Student Success and Leadership Centre

Dean Jacobs - University of Windsor Board of Governors

Lindsay Jaber - Faculty of Education

Candy Donaldson -University of Windsor Staff

Russell Nahdee - Aboriginal Education Centre Staff

Kat Pasquach - Aboriginal Education Centre Staff

Melissa Phillips - University of Windsor Alumni

Terri Fletcher - University of Windsor Student

Stephanie Pangowish - University of Windsor Student

Jody Noah - Southern First Nations Secretariat Post Secondary Education Office

Bernita Brigham-Jacobs - Walpole Island Post Secondary Education Office

Valarie Waboose - Faculty of Law

Andrea Sullivan Clarke - Department of Philosophy

Michael Weis - University of Windsor Faculty (Retired)

Sylvia McAdam - Faculty of Law

Rebecca Major - Department of Political Science

Erika Kustra - Centre for Teaching and Learning

Jaime Kechego - Centre for Teaching and Learning

Ashley Glassburn-Falzetti - Women's and Gender Studies

Michelle Phillps - City of Windsor

Sandra Muse - English and Creative Writing

Cynthia Stirbys - School of Social Work

Donna Grayer - Windsor Essex Metis Council

Jennifer Soutter - Leddy Library

Mackenzie Jessop - University of Windsor Student

Anouchka Plumb - Centre for English Language Development

Christopher Busch - Associate Vice President, Enrollemnt Management

Beth Natale - Director, Enrollment Management