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About Us

Welcome to the Aboriginal Education Centre – Turtle Island at the University of Windsor! As part of Student Experience, we provide support and encouragement to the University of Windsor Aboriginal student population. We strive to increase the participation and completion rates of Aboriginal students, to raise sensitivity and awareness of Aboriginal cultures, issues and realities, and to increase participation in decisions affecting Aboriginal people and post-secondary education.

Turtle Island facilitates student success by providing support (academic, social, personal and cultural), guidance and an enriched student experience to University of Windsor students who self-identify with Aboriginal identity and background.  Specific services include:
  • Organizing and supporting social gatherings and activities, orientation activities, student gatherings, study groups and cultural events (eg. Sweat Lodges, Pouch Making, Ceremonies)
  • Lounge area for students, with printing, fax and photocopying services
  • Aboriginal outreach programs and partnerships with local school boards, First Nation schools, university departments and faculty assisted projects

Turtle Island is located in the CAW Student Centre. All students are welcome to visit and participate in the activities and events. Turtle Island resources include: 

  • An accessible,  welcoming, culturally safe, positive and comfortable atmosphere
  • A space for students, visitors, and guests and interaction with the wider university community
  • Connecting Aboriginal students with services and supports on campus and making appropriate referrals to services and organizations both on and off campus 
  • Administrative staff support for students

Please come by the Centre and introduce yourself, we’re here to help you succeed!