Pilots walking across tarmac in silhouette

Tuition and Costs

Students in the Aeronautics Leadership Program will pay regular tuition amounts for all courses taken on campus.

In addition to regular tuition, each Fall and Winter term, students will be enrolled in a flight course which will include an added fee (each term) for flight training. This fee covers the regular costs of flight training at Journey Air, including written and flight tests. Students are responsible for any additional or supplementary Transport Canada fees including any additional fee requirements for students who do not hold Canadian Citizenship.

Please consult the University's Tuition Fee Estimator for the most up to date information on fees. Select Arts, Humanities, Soc Science -Aeronautics as your Major or Degree.

The fees calculated are per term and will be based upon the information you provide in the form.

Please note:

  • The annual flight fee is divided in two, with half due as part of the Fall term fees and the other half due as part of the Winter term fees. When the Tuition Fee Estimator displays the Aeronautics Fee, this is per term. The annual fee would be twice that amount.
  • The Aeronautics fee is paid to a third party vendor (Journey Air) and therefore it cannot be used in your OSAP assessment.