Students relax under a tree outside Dillon Hall

Additional Requirements

There are two additional requirements, beyond the general admission requirements, that applicants to the Aeronautics Leadership Program should be aware of:


All students admitted to the Aeronautics Leadership Program must meet Transport Canada medical requirements in order to begin their flight training.

It is required that students receive a Medical Category 1 prior to beginning the program. Since it is needed to begin the CPL, it is best to know that it can be attained before attempting the PPL.

Not all physicians can conduct this medical exam. Please consult [weblink] Transport Canada's Civil Aviation Medical Examiners Search for an authorized physician.

Aviation Language Proficiency

In order to begin flight training in Canada students must follow Transport Canada’s language requirements, which includes a [weblink] formal aviation language proficiency demonstration. Canadian citizens who have graduated from a Canadian high school are exempt from the formal test.

If you are a non-Canadian citizen or are a Canadian Citizen who has not attended a Canadian High School, and you require University language testing, you must complete, and pass, the formal aviation language proficiency demonstration prior to gaining admission to the University of Windsor’s Aeronautics Leadership Program. After the University has received your application, you will be contacted to set up the language demonstration, which is a 10 minute test completed over the phone.