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Naomi Levitz

Naomi Levitz

Naomi Levitz has worked in both interpersonal and community social work settings in urban and rural areas in Canada, the United States and Haiti, in a variety of languages. She has spearheaded a newcomer mental health initiative in Southwestern Ontario and Windsor’s Take Back the Night program. She has been active on various local committees including the Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee, WEFIGHT Human Trafficking Initiative and Health Equity for Newcomers Initiative. She also chairs the board of directors for the AIDS Committee of Windsor Chatham-Kent and sits on boards for the Jewish Community Center, ALSO (Assisted Living Southwest Ontario) and has been the the Accessibility Initiative for the Ontario Council for Agencies Servicing Immigrants. Her professional focus has been on working with women experiencing trauma, community building, cross and trans-cultural initiatives, client/peer integration in community services, mental health and addiction. She has also created course materials for bachelors and masters social work classes and conducted student and peer supervision in the areas of interpersonal practice, field education, social work with mental health and substance use and social work with new Canadians. She has shared this expertise with non-profits locally, in Detroit, Port au Prince Haiti and the Ibasa region of Nigeria. 

Naomi’s work stems from a belief in inherent personal strengths and collaborative care in all settings and she has worked to create dynamic professional environments based on critical thinking about structural inequities and opportunities for creating new and alternate senses of self through stories that focus on resiliency and empowerment. Her current doctoral research is focused on immigrant and refugee healthcare, and the role for informal supports in healthcare utilisation. Naomi’s dissertation is focused on addressing challenges in working with and for new Canadians in order to help them navigate this new chapter in their lives and to help workers, as well Canadians as a whole, conceptualise their approaches towards this ever growing community. 


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