University Division Campaign

The faculty and staff at the University of Windsor are the heart of our campus. As an employee, you have a front-row seat to all the accomplishments and the progress our campus is making towards our goal of providing a student-centered experience, and developing spaces that are inspiring people to do their very best.

Campus employees kicking off the Plant A Seed CampaignWe are proud of the University of Windsor and how our collective efforts are enabling others to create a better world. The Employee Campaign is an important way faculty and staff, past and present, can lead the way through a financial contribution.

Your gift can be directed any where you choose so you can directly support areas and projects you are passionate about. Participation is the key!


Frequently Asked Questions about the University Employee Campaign

Overall Impact of the Employee Campaign

  1. To provide campus employees with the giving opportunities that encourage and support their personal values and interests; 
  2. To foster pride within the campus community; 
  3. To raise funds that benefit the lives of our students, and the campus community; and
  4. To encourage additional support from the community: Your support as an employee will send an important message to the community that we all accept and recognize the need to invest in the University of Windsor.

If you would like to make your contribution today and/or be a dedicated member of our volunteer fundraising team, please contact:

Chris Knack
519-253-3000, Ext. 4279

Contact the UWindsor Alumni Association

Alumni Affairs and Donor Communications
Welcome Centre, University of Windsor

Wyandotte at Patricia
Windsor, ON  N9B 3P4