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How Buyback Works

  • During select periods throughout the year, the Campus Bookstore will buy textbooks that are being used for the upcoming term.
  • Search or register your books as soon as possible
  • We buy books that we think will sell.
  • We buy a certain percentage of the class size, since not everyone wants used books.
  • We will buy back a used book, even if you originally bought it used.
  • We will buy back books that are highlighted.
  • When we buy a book from you we will pay up to 50% of the new value of the book.
  • We will pay you and apply the funds to your debit card or on a Campus Bookstore gift card.
  • We will then sell it for 75% of the new book value.

The books we buy are ready to sell 2 days later as Used Textbooks. This means that the best selection of used textbooks is generally available the week before classes start.

Here is the confusing part....

The Campus Bookstore does not want to buy every book you want to sell. For your convenience there is a representative from a Used Book company buying back books at the same time. The Used Book company buys the books the Campus Bookstore does not want. They will sell the books to campuses across North America as Used Books. They only pay 5 to 35 % of the wholesale price of the book. What is confusing is that the buying process is computerized and when you are selling your books, you are selling to the same person even though some books end up in the Campus Bookstore and some go to the Used Book company. Although the Used Book company prices are much lower, they are there for the person who does not really want their textbooks and there is no demand in Windsor for them. Some funds are better than nothing. Since books are often reused in a later term it often makes sense to hang onto them and sell them to the Campus Bookstore later and get 50%.

Please review the scheduled dates and times posted on the textbook buyback page as changes may occur and this page is kept updated.