The Campus Bookstore provides a wide range of retail services.

School Supplies

The School Supplies Department stocks supply items required by students such as notebooks, paper, writing instruments, and related items. The Department also carries items required by various University academic departments, in direct support of the mission of the University.

In addition, the department carries a broad line of general office supplies and other related items for the convenience of students, faculty and staff.

Computer Supplies

The Technology Department strives to maintain technology trends. We offer a wide variety of supplies and accessories from calculators, electronics, multimedia devices and computer systems along with educational software.

Partnering with various vendors and teaming up with Campus Retail Canada, the Campus Bookstore is dedicated to providing quality products and support for all your needs.


The giftware department offers the following:

Insignia items

The gift department offers a limited line of gift and clothing items which carry the name or logo of the University.

Other Gift Items

In addition to insignia items, the Gift Department offers miscellaneous gift items, greeting cards, and seasonal items for the convenience of students, faculty, and staff of the University.

Custom Orders

We can assist you in providing that unique customizable product for any special occasion for conferences and meetings and other events.

From clothing to pencils, computer accessories or any other general supplies, we can apply your unique logo or graphic.