COVID-19 Update: Online Ordering is OPEN 24/7

While the Campus Bookstore remains closed, we continue to ship all course materials and merchandise to customers. Online orders are processed from Monday to Friday.

Curbside Services are available Monday - Tuesday - Thursday. (Subject to change without notice),

Curbside Services location has been moved back to the lower patio on the north side of the CAW Student Centre.

Attention: Valued Faculty

The Campus Bookstore course material team is happy to work with instructors to find the best course materials available to support student online learning.

We are working remotely but are available for any questions and assistance regarding course material: including digital, OER, clicker, and print copy. We invite you to contact us at or .

Moving courses online has not changed the adoption process. We are committed to finding the best available options for your courses, and will work with publishers to make sure your books arrive as soon as possible, in the format you need. You can help us make this transition as easy as possible by submitting your requests at your earliest convenience. We are here for you. Stay safe.