Finance at Odette

The Finance discipline is designed to prepare you for managerial careers in corporate finance, financial consulting, investment, and financial institutions. The courses studied offer in-depth analysis of all the major facets of finance, including how capital and financial markets operate, portfolio management, and how to manage corporate assets.

As a finance student, you will have free access to the state-of-the-art Odette Financial Markets lab facility, home to numerous finance class labs, Bloomberg certification courses, financial seminars, conferences, and several other resources.

Students interested in finance can specialize in the area or enrol in individual courses.

Bachelor of Commerce with a Finance Specialization

A Finance Specialization will provide students the background knowledge to pursue a career as a Financial Analyst, Broker, Investment Banker, Insurance agent, Pension Management, or other careers in the field. 

Gate-in courses - Minimum grade of "65" in

  • FINA-2710, Business Finance II

A minimum average of "67" in the following:

  • FINA-3710, Intermediate Finance

Plus any four of the following:

  • FINA-3720, Investments
  • FINA-3730, Working Capital Management
  • FINA-3780, Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FINA-3790, International Financial Management
  • FINA-4720, Portfolio Management
  • FINA-4770, Derivatives and Risk Management
  • FINA-4780, Pension Finance and Management
  • FINA-4910, Special Topics in Finance

Capstone course - Minimum grade of "67"

  • FINA-4740, Corporate Financial Strategy

Business Academic Advising is available for Business students by booking an appointment on mySuccess.

For more information on the Finance courses offered at the Odette School of Business, please contact:

Ms. Stephanie Miller
Finance Area Secretary
519-253-3000 ext. 3128 f: 519-973-7073