Human Resources

The Human Resources discipline is designed to prepare you for careers in Human Resources, Labour-Management Relations, Training & Development, and Personnel Selection. A key concept you will learn within this discipline is the various theories and practices of managing people, including international management, diversity in the workplace, and organizational behaviour.

Students interested in Human Resources can specialize in the area or enrol in individual courses.

Students who achieve a specialization in Human Resources from Odette will have fulfilled the coursework requirements to gain their Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. Please contact Odette Student Success Centre to learn more about this professional designation. 

Learn more about the CHRP designation on their website.

Bachelor of Commerce with Human Resources Specialization

A Human Resources Specialization will provide students the background knowledge to pursue a career as a Human Resources Manager, Executive Recruiter, Labour Relations Manager, or other career in the field.

Gate-in courses - Minimum grade of "65"

  • MGMT-2430, Human Resources Management

A minimum average of "70" in the following:

  • MGMT-3420, Compensation Management
  • MGMT-3440, Labour-Management Relations
  • MGMT-4410, Training and Development
  • MGMT-4510, Organizational Staffing
  • MGMT-4520, The Management of Organization Health, Wellness and Safety

Plus any two of the following:

  • MGMT-3830, International Human Resource Management
  • MGMT-4450, Organizational Design
  • MGMT-4480, Labour Relations Law and Employment Legislation,
  • MGMT-4490, Negotiations
  • MGMT-4810, Diversity in the Workplace

Capstone course - Minimum grade of "70"

  • MGMT-4850, Human Resource Planning

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For more information on the Human Resources courses offered at the Odette School of Business, please contact:

Ms. Dina Labelle

Management Area Secretary

519-253-3000 ext. 3094 f: 519-973-7073