Supply Chain and Business Analytics

The Supply Chain and Business Analytics discipline is designed to prepare you for a career with focus on quantitative business skills. You will study courses such as Quantitative Decision Models, Database Management, and Operations Management to develop the analytical abilities required to offer businesses a competitive edge in a variety of fields including: marketing, finance, accounting, and policy-making.

Bachelor of Commerce with a Supply Chain and Business Analytics Specialization

A Supply Chain and Business Analytics Specialization will provide students the background knowledge to pursue a career as an Operations Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Sales Analyst, Marketing Specialist, Database Manager, Financial Analyst, or other career in the field.

Gate-in courses - Minimum grade of "65"

  • MSCI-2130, Intro to Management Information Systems
  • MSCI-2200, Quantitative Decision Models

Required Course:

  • MSCI-3410, Supply Chain Management I: Intro to Fundamentals

A minimum average of "67" in the following:

2 of the following courses:

  • MSCI-2230, Intro to Data Science for Business
  • MSCI-2250, Introduction to Project Management
  • MSCI-3110, Introduction to Database Management
  • MSCI-3120, Business Process and Data Analytics
  • MSCI-3230, Data Science Tools and Methods
  • MSCI-4200, IT in Project Management
  • MSCI-4230, Business Analytics in Practice

2 of the following courses:

  • MSCI-3050, Statistical Quality Design & Control
  • MSCI-3200, Quantitative Decision Models II
  • MSCI-3310, Operations Management I
  • MSCI-4310, Operations Management II
  • MSCI-4980, Modeling & Analysis in Management Science & Systems
  • MKTG-3390, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Plus 1 of (not already taken above):

  • MSCI-2230, MSCI-2250, MSCI-3050, MSCI-3110, MSCI-3120, MSCI-3200, MSCI-3230, MSCI-3310, MSCI-4200, MSCI-4230, MSCI-4310, MSCI-4910, MSCI-4950, MSCI-4980, MKTG-3390

Capstone course - Minimum grade of "67" in one of the following (not already taken above):

  • MSCI-4230, Business Analytics in Practice
  • MSCI-4310, Operations Management II
  • MSCI-4980, Modeling & Analysis in Management Science & Systems

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For more information on the Supply Chain & Business Analytics courses offered at the Odette School of Business, please contact:

Ms. Lena Razwan

Management Science Area Secretary

519-253-3000 ext. 3095 f: 519-973-7073