Strategy and Entrepreneurship

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship discipline is designed to prepare you for a career in the strategic leadership role of a company, a business owner, or a corporate manager.

You will study all aspects of independent enterprise, including Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation. The courses studied do not limit you solely to a career as a business owner; there are many facets of the program that apply to different aspects of management, including product or business development and management techniques that are just as valuable within a large corporation as they are in an independent business venture. Our program has a broad range of foci, touching upon marketing, finance, and management, aimed at having students analyze case studies from the point of view of a CEO. You will study topics such as business development (including expansion or acquisitions), competitive intelligence, and strategic analysis & research.

Students interested in Strategy & Entrepreneurship can specialize in the area or enrol in individual courses.

Bachelor of Commerce with Strategy & Entrepreneurship Specialization

A Strategy & Entrepreneurship Specialization will provide students the background knowledge to pursue a career as a Strategic Planner, Corporate Executive, Business Analyst, Business Developer, and Business Owner.

Gate-in course – Minimum grade of “67” in each

  • STEN-1000, Introduction to Business
  • STEN-2900, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

A minimum average of “67” in the following:
  one of:

  • STEN-3900, Entrepreneurial Resource Management
  • STEN-3910, New Venture Formation

   four of:

  • MGMT-4450, Organizational Design
  • STEN-3930, International Business
  • STEN-4900,0 Strategy & Global Business Environment
  • STEN-4910, Special Topics
  • STEN-4930, Field Study
  • STEN-4950, Independent Study
  • STEN-4960, Enterprise Development Consulting

Capstone course* – Minimum grade of “70” in one of:
75-493, 75-495, or 75-496
*The CAPSTONE requirement is one of 75-493, 75-495, 75-496, and is part of the previous four courses.

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For more information on the Strategy & Entrepreneurship courses offered at the Odette School of Business, please contact:

Ms. Dina Labelle

Strategy Area Secretary

519-253-3000 ext. 3094 f: 519-973-7073