Business students sitting at picnic tables outside of the Odette School of Business building.

UD Cybersecurity Certification Program

The UD Cybersecurity Certification Program for OSB students is 12 credit hours and 4 courses. Students must first take the pre-requisite course: CYBS 5F70: Foundations of Cybersecurity, which can be taken during the Odette MBA program, plus 3 additional courses, for a total of 4 courses. The remaining 3 courses include:

CYBS 6350: Data Protection

CYBS 6355: Compliance and Legal Issues

CYBS 7350: Operational Cybersecurity Management or CYBS 7357: Network Security

The total cost is $7,500. $1,500 for the foundations course and $2,000 for each of the remaining 3 courses. This is half the cost if students aren’t from Odette.