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Odette Undergraduate Programs

A higher degree of flexibility and freedom. 

Discover our flagship Bachelor of Commerce, combined program options, and degree completion pathways.

Specialization Pathways

Each of our Bachelor of Commerce programs can be paired with a specialization in one of the following areas of study: 

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Supply Chain and Business Analytics

  • Marketing

  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship

  • International Business

Meet Tadiwa Chitekeshe, Business and Economics Undergraduate Student

 “My favorite thing about Odette is the opportunity to learn and listen from my classmates on a daily basis. Whether it be analyzing a case in class, working on a group project or collaborating with my team on the Odette Commerce Society there are always diverse interpretations from my peers that allow me to reach a deeper understanding of concepts. Being able to constantly engage with my peers through various clubs and classes has allowed me to build friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

My curiosity for business and economics led me to pursue the Business Administration and Economics program as I wanted a degree that could further assist me in pursuing corporate law. Odette does not just solely focus on academics but on personal growth and career preparation for each student, which drew me in even more. Odette has small class sizes which I knew would be a great fit for me as I would be able to easily pose questions to professors and get to know my peers better.

My advice to future Odette students would be to take advantage of the time you have at Odette. Build relationships with faculty and students through extracurricular activities or research projects. The support that Odette offers is exceptional, whether it is regarding your personal career path or school related issues, they have systems and personnel all over from Student Success, professors and mentors that will help assist you and guide you. Therefore, utilize these assets! Ultimately, get involved in Odette clubs, stay on top of your work and don’t be afraid to seek help.”