Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence

Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence - 2020 Winners

2020 Inaugural Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence 

The Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence and The Sue Skrobiak Scholarship for Excellence will be presented annually to a recipient who has positively impacted the Odette School of Business MBA Program.  Award recipients can take a number of forms— an alumnus of the program, a past Odette faculty or staff member, or an engaged individual or organization. 


The 2020 Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence Winners:  FCA Canada Inc. and Professor Dr. Andrew Templer

FCA Canada Inc.

FCA Canada Inc. has been a steadfast partner to the Odette School of Business and University of Windsor for over 35 years.  Through it’s many iterations: Chrysler Canada, DaimlerChrysler Canada, and Automotive Research and Design Centre, it has been a sought after employer for Co-op placements, and has hired numerous Odette graduates into roles across the organization.  FCA Canada Inc. has sponsored MBA corporate team projects, and supported MBA students’ initiatives including  the hosting of the MBA Games, as well as having dynamic employees coming into the classroom and School as guest lecturers. 

Dr. Andrew Templer

Dr. Andrew Templer embodies the sustained and substantial contributions to the Odette M.B.A. Program that distinguish a recipient of the Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence. As a faculty member from 1983 to his official retirement in 2016, Andrew’s commitment to the program extended across decades, and it had been unflagging. Andrew’s efforts have been central to supporting and maintaining the mixture of the academic and experiential— a hallmark of the Odette M.B.A. Program. Andrew was an ongoing and enthusiastic advocate of combining cutting-edge classroom education with exposure to the world of work, and he did not shy from innovation.   

The Sue Skrobiak Scholarship for Excellence winner: 

Victoria Pedri

Victoria was always very strong throughout the MBA program, however she did have to overcome tremendous difficulties both within and outside of the MBA to first be accepted into the competitive program and then to complete it in such a spectacular way.

Victoria had a child, a son, before starting the program then another, a daughter, during.  In addition to her stellar academic performance, she led an event that raised over $7,000 net for the Black Women in Motion charity based out of Toronto. She also organized an event called the Hygiene Heist which collected just under 16,000 hygiene products that were donated to five organizations across Windsor-Essex. In addition, she did an outstanding job in her mandate which is the final course for most of the MBA students, working with a US based non-profit organization that has subsequently hired her.

Victoria was an underdog that Sue would have loved to have witnessed blossom throughout her MBA, and her dedication for the program and to help others in need was inspiring and heartwarming.  Victoria completed her MBA studies in December and will graduate this spring.  

2020 Award Ceremony Announcement

We proudly congratulate all winners. 

A Message from the Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence Committee

Thank you to all who have generously donated to the Sue Skrobiak Award for Excellence fund.  Over $25,000 was raised in record time to create an endowed scholarship, the Sue Skrobiak Scholarship for Excellence, to which the first student was awarded in December 2020. 

Fundraising continues in Sue Skrobiak’s honour with the goal of refurbishing the MBA corporate space and lounge, dedicating it and naming it in her honour.  Please consider donating to make this goal a reality