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Campus Ministry Packages

I’m sure you’ve all heard of subscription boxes. It could be a splurge to treat yourself to something luxurious, or maybe a way to try interesting and unique foods or beverages. Whatever may pique your interest, the end result is a delight in the mail that allows you to get cool items. 
Well, here at Campus Ministry we’ve decided to create something similar except for one crucial fact – they’re completely free for you!
We will be offering 2 packages per semester (4 in total), with all types of great treats inside. 
You can sign up for all of the packages, or one at a time, it’s your choice!
Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect this semester:
Package #1: Campus Ministry Lounge in a Box
- For those of you who may not know, Campus Ministry has its own Student Lounge, but unfortunately COVID has closed it at least until December 2021. However, we want you to still get a taste of the experience you’ll have when you’re able to come back in. This is a food-based package, with a branded Campus Ministry item included.
Package #2: Advent Calendar in a Box
- Who says you’re too old for an Advent calendar? After the popularity of last year’s Advent box, we decided to create them again! Each day of December will feature a treat, plus special items to celebrate different occasions throughout the month. You’ll even get a personalized handmade ornament!

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We’re excited to offer our own take on the subscription box and hope that you will enjoy the special Campus Ministry touches that will be included.