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Students in the Faculty of Education - this one is for you!

We know that getting a pastoral reference letter is part of becoming a Catholic teacher, and Campus Ministry wants to provide you with some opportunities to obtain this letter from our Chaplain, Fr. Steven Huber, csb.

However, Fr. Steven will only be able to provide you with a letter of reference if he knows who you are and is aware of your involvement with the programs listed below. 


1. Campus Ministry Quads - we have a specific small group quad led by a student leader just for Teacher's College students. To sign up, CLICK HERE . The quad will meet weekly, providing you with the chance to take about faith, life, and shared experiences in teaching. 

2. Get involved with Assumption Parish:

A. Homework Help - A free online tutoring program offered through Assumption Cares. Open to all and available to students of any age and ability level. Sign up through the link.

B. Assumption Cares - Assumption Cares is an Outreach Program offered by Our Lady of Assumption Parish. They offer free programs and events to anyone and everyone who lives in Windsor’s West-End. You can learn more and sign up through the link above.

C. Lil' Saints - The Sunday School ministry is currently on pause due to COVID protocols. However, you can continue to check the page for any updates about it.

If you have a parish that you're already involved with, we encourage you to speak to the Pastor there about a letter of reference.