campus police officers speaking with a student

Crime Prevention

If you see something, say something - reporting suspicious activity or persons in building poster

The Crime Prevention Unit is staffed by a Special Constable certified through the American Crime Prevention Institute as a Crime Prevention Specialist. The officer is also a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Specialist and can provide recommendations to make your area safer and more secure.

Campus Safety Begins With You

Campus Community Police provides essential services to the community, but nothing we do can replace your actions in maintaining security and safety on campus. Take time to learn about crime prevention and safety - for yourself and your fellow community members. Information and awareness are your best weapons against crimea.

If you see something or someone suspicious please call our office at 519 253-3000  ext 1234

Please contact the Community Liaison officer at if you have any questions.

Please register for UWindsor alert to be notified of emergencies on campus