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Bicycle Theft Prevention

Survival Tips for your Bike:

Your bike not only serves as your transportation, but it also represents your freedom and mobility. Keeping your bike safe requires a bit of forethought and planning. Most thefts occur when the bike is an easier target. A bit of planning on your part may not guarantee that your bike or accessories won’t be stolen, but making your bike a harder target for thieves reduces the risk of theft.                 

The highest percentage of bikes stolen on campus are those with a lower-cost chain or cable-type locks. Though no lock can guarantee 100% protection, U-Bolt type locks seem to be the least targetted. One lock is always good, but consider two locks to deter theft.

  • Park and secure your bike in well-travelled areas if possible. The more people around, the more likely a thief will pass on to a less-conspicuous target.
  • Use a good quality locking device. Although no lock is undefeatable, the U-lock types seem to deter the most. Avoid cables and chains as locks, and most importantly, make sure the structure where you secure your bike is in fact, secure.
  • If your bike has saddlebags, don’t leave items of value inside them when parking your bike. Also, make sure that any valuable accessories (i.e. detachable lights/batteries) are securely fixed to the bike, or even removable and taken with you after you park.