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Environmental Focus

The Centre for Engineering Innovation is a living and learning building – a combination of exposed structure and monitored systems designed to exhibit construction concepts and illustrate engineering principles through environmentally friendly technologies such as:

  • Low-energy lighting systems;
  • A Termodeck pre-cast hollowcore concrete plank terminal air delivery system utilizes the thermal mass of the building structure to reduce peak loads and air volumes, while reducing mechanical equipment and air ducting; 
  • Glass and solar active systems for advanced lighting control; 
  • A green roof to collect and filter rain water to provide gray water; 
  • An exposed structural system comprised of various materials and assemblies: post-tensioned concrete, long-span, high-bay lab structure, light steel roof and ‘glu-lam’ wood; 
  • A zone-controlled HVAC System and a Bio-filter living wall to provide improved air quality while reducing energy consumption. The bio-filter living wall filters and re-oxygenates indoor air. Re-circulated air is removed of its toxins and passively humidified; and 
  • Sensors installed throughout the building to continually monitor air quality, heating, lighting and cooling systems using specially designed software integrated into the workings of the structure. 

The University is developing the largest Gold L.E.E.D. certified building in the region, providing a structure designed and built to the highest environmental, architectural standards that other universities and businesses can then emulate. Key activities will address the major barriers to the development of future products including the storage and utilization of energy, green vehicles, computers and telecommunications systems. The University places a focus on the following research capacities:

  • Centre for Environmental Engineering
  • The Green Technology Wind Tunnel
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Centre
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Centre (IMSC)
  • Health Care Engineering Laboratory
  • Immersive Technology and RP Lab
  • Research Centre for Integrated Microsystems and Nanotechnology
  • Centre for Structure and Failure Analysis
  • Centre for Advanced Materials and Tribology Research
  • The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Centre (IMS)
  • Lightweight Castings Research Institute (LCRI)
  • Centre for Fluid Dynamics
  • Collaboration Plazas for Interactive Learning – cafe, atrium, bridges, graduate workstations
  • Centre for Automotive Research and Education (CARE)
  • Industrial Courtyard