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Bio-filter Living Wall

The CEI is equipped with a zone-controlled HVAC System, sensors have been installed throughout the building to continually monitor air quality, heating, lighting and cooling systems using specially designed software integrated into the workings of the structure. The building also features a Bio-filter living wall to provide improved air quality while reducing energy consumption. The Bio-filter living wall filters and re-oxygenates indoor air. Re-circulated air is removed of its toxins and passively humidified offering improved air quality to occupants and visitors alike.

CEI living wall

         This wall of living plants is a key feature and can be seen as the face of the CEI building. It is located on the first floor, standing three stories high and is centrally located in the main hallway. The wall includes a pattern made of living plants with the calming sensation of flowing water. This wall can be seen to encompass true values that students need to take into account such as; growth, persistence, innovation and environmental sustainability as they become engineers. These values are some of the key concepts in the faculty and the profession of engineering that are keys to success. The wall is not only a beautiful aesthetic piece of building art, but is a true highlighted piece of the design elements of the building.