Capital Transformation Plan

The University’s strategic plan provides a vision “to enable people to make a better world through education, scholarship, research and engagement”. 

Key to the accomplishment of this vision is the availability of modern and efficient infrastructure. If the University of Windsor is to be more competitive within the Ontario postsecondary system, we must continue to upgrade those areas of the campus where the infrastructure simply can no longer support the kind of experience we want our students to have, is not enabling us to attract the best students, and is making it difficult for our faculty and staff to be most productive and efficient. The proposed Capital Transformation Plan will set a direction to develop the campus for the next fifty years, and to continue to transform it in ways that will best meet the needs of its stakeholders.  

The Capital Transformation Plan (CTP) will be key to the achievement of the University’s strategic plan. The plan outlines the projects identified at this time in a phased approach.

Modifications to the proposed plan may be required due to changing internal and external circumstances.