LSRC Overview

The $73 million Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre (LSRC) will offer a modern space to foster athletic excellence and support quality recreational services for thousands of students and the community at large.

Aerial overview of the new LSRC building

UWindsor strives to provide an inspiring and inclusive environment that encourages excellence in all areas of human potential.

The University has a proud history of creating champions and has captured numerous provincial and national titles with several of its athletes and coaches receiving national recognition. As well, UWindsor recreational programs have been recognized for diversity in programming, leadership and overall student wellness.


  1. Create a community space for students that blends academic, recreational and social activities
  2. Enhance UWindsor reputation by promoting campus spirit and an exceptional student experience
  3. Create a facility in which high-performance sport and recreational activities can co-exist
  4. Increase capacity and diversity in our programs and activities
  5. Widen the gateway between the University and the Windsor-Essex community
  • 8000 recreation students
  • 350 varsity athletes
  • Academic programs (Kinesiology, Nursing, Engineering, Business)
  • 400 student employees
  • Faculty/staff
  • University events (Convocation)
  • Community events
  • International Children’s Games
  • Ontario Summer Games
  • Ontario Provincial Gymnastic Championships
  • Youth Science Canada
  • First Robotics Canada
  • Windsor Essex County Health Unit (Active Aging)
  • LAWS (Girls in Motion)
  • Local school boards
  • Local sports clubs
  • Summer camps

“The Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre is the University of Windsor's most important capital project. Not only is its success critical for the mental and physical health of its students, and the success of its varsity teams; but also for the very reputation of the school. For Windsor to attract future students, and to ensure that they have a complete educational experience this project simply must get done.”
Dr. Richard Peddie (BComm, ’70, Former President & CEO, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment).

“The new Human Kinetics expansion will not only elevate the profile of the University in our community, drawing all ages to participate in a wide range of activities, but it will showcase the University for visitors and prospective students, making the University of Windsor a desired destination for post-secondary and graduate studies. The new facility has the potential to draw more provincial, national and international events and serves to promote Windsor as a University of Excellence.
Andrea Steen, MD, (BHK ’79, DPN ’82), Former Olympian;  Vice-President, Medical Affairs, Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital.

“The importance of this project cannot be underestimated in terms of moving forward in concert with other enhancements of the University. The St. Denis Centre has and will continue to be a student hub of the campus and a venue to provide opportunities in sport, recreation and academic achievement.”
Dennis Hastings (BHK ’75, B.Ed ’76), Director, St. Denis Centre 1985-95; Executive Director, Facility Services (retired).

I know this new facility will enhance the student experience for all students as well as our athletes. I feel this project is my chance to "pay it forward" and say "thank you" to the University of Windsor for giving me my working career in education.
~ Jean Wright (BA ’71, BEd ’72), President, University of Windsor Alumni Association Board of Directors.

As an alumnus, class of ’81, when I look back on our decision to support the building of the existing St. Denis Centre I take pride in what we voted for and what was accomplished. The next step in upgrading the existing facility is something that you should all take pride in. Think ahead and someday in the future you can proudly boast that you were instrumental in having a hand in the new upgraded facilities at the University of Windsor. I do that every time I walk into the existing St. Denis Centre.
~ Sam Romano (B.Comm ’81), Senior Manager Commercial Cards, RBC Financial Group.

“The Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre will enhance the university’s reputation and student experience by promoting student-athlete ambitions, an active lifestyle approach to well-being and a sense of community among students, faculty, staff, and the Windsor-Essex region.”
 Dr. Michael Khan, Dean, Faculty of Human Kinetics.

The Ontario MAESD (Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development) does not provide capital funding to universities or colleges for sport and recreation facilities.

Capital Costs

Student Support – 75% ($55M)

University Support – 25% ($18M)

Operating Costs

University Support – 100%
(projected $1M/year, over $50M for 40 years)