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Welcome to Canada Career Month!

November 2, 2018 - Hellene Meyer

Did you know the month of November is Canada Career Month? This year’s theme is all about skills and recognizing that you have lots of them! Read on to learn more about this month and how you can identify all the things you are capable of!

Bring in your pumpkins and switch out your costumes for business casual as November 1st heralds the beginning of Canada Career Month! The entire month will be dedicated to celebrating the skills of Canada’s workforce and making the job market an easier place to traverse. The focus this year is on highlighting just how talented and skilled young entrants (students, that’s us) are and how much they have to offer Canadian employers.

This year’s campaign is “I know I can because…” and it’s all about discovering what skills you possess and how you can use them to your advantage. What skills, you ask? Well, everyone is sitting on all sorts of skills that they may not even think they have. Maybe you don’t have as many as you’d like, or you don’t think you have the right ones for your career, though. Well, now is the time to start thinking about what you’re capable of and what you can do to become capable of even more.

To help with this process, we suggest sitting down with a pen and paper and thinking about what you can do. That may seem broad, but you’d be surprised how many different and employable skills go into doing a variety of different tasks. If you’re a humanities student, you’re more likely to have strong critical analysis and research skills, along with written and oral communication skills. If you’re a business student, you may have a keen eye for numbers, administrative and people-managing skills, or an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to succeed. Engineering students may possess strong investigative and problem-solving skills, tech-savviness and talent working with a team on large-scale projects. Beginning with your field of study is a great way to parse out all the many things you’re capable of!

You can start today by keeping “I know I can because…” in mind. If you want to learn where to go next after listing your skills, visit a Peer Advisor during our drop-in hours from 10am-4pm and we can help you make your skills stand out to employers. With just a little bit of work, you can turn “I think I can” into “I can and I will!”