Jobs on Campus

Jobs on Campus

Working on campus is a convenient way to help build your skills and fund your education while working in an environment where your employer and supervisors understand that your priority is your commitment to your academic program. Many on-campus jobs have the added advantage of providing an opportunity to work on tasks and projects that align with academic programs and complement classroom learning.   
While there are many student-oriented jobs at the University of Windsor, here are some of the most common student jobs at the University of Windsor:

Lancer Recreation hires almost 300 students each year in a wide variety of positions.

Many faculties and departments also hire students for Graduate Assistant (GA) and undergraduate Teaching Assistant (TA) positions.

Faculty members often hire students to be a Research Assistant (RA).

  • Speak with faculty directly to see if they have any opportunities within their labs.

Residence hires a team of student leaders to help make life in residence a great experience.

Ignite, the University of Windsor’s work study program provides funding for approximately 500 student positions each year.

Tips for Securing On-Campus Employment

Because on campus jobs can be such a great experience, there are a lot of students vying for them. With that in mind, it is important to prepare to be competitive by following these tips:

Start your search early: Don’t wait until the first week of classes when everyone else is back on campus too.

Make a point of networking with potential employers: For GA, TA, and RA positions this means getting to know your professors.

Have your well-written resume ready and check for postings often: Several positions are posted on mySuccess throughout the year, but there are many others that you will only find out about through the academic departments or service areas doing the hiring.

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Don’t forget to network with your fellow students! Take notice of where you see students working and ask them about their jobs and how they went about finding it.