Job Shadow Experience

The University of Windsor’s Career Development & Experiential Learning is excited to facilitate our Job Shadow Experience for Fall 2024!

What is job shadowing?

Job shadowing is when a host (an employer, alumni, professional, etc.) hosts 1 or 2 students to shadow (observe) them at work in order for students to gain a better understanding of career opportunities, the work environment, and the industry.  We are providing the option of having either an in-person or an online experience!

Fall 2024 job shadowing will happen during October 15-18, during the University of Windsor's Reading Week.

During job shadowing, students are not meant to do any work that contributes to the success of the company/organization, but rather learn about the work and skills related to the field.  

Students will participate in informational interviews and have one other in-person or virtual learning experience (such as a meeting with another employee, a walkthrough of a work sample or example, a virtual or in-person tour of the organization, participate in an in-person or virtual meeting, have a mock interview with HR, etc.).

The overall goals of hosting a job shadow are to help students:

  • Become more aware of potential career options
  • Learn how to apply their education, training, and experience in the workplace
  • Clarify career interests, preferences, and values
  • Make useful connections in their fields of interest

When is job shadowing?

Job Shadow Experience Fall 2024 will take place on October 15, 16, 17, and 18, during the companys' normal operating hours.

Where do I learn more information?

Information for hosts

Information for students