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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Click on this link to be directed to mysuccess and login with your UWin ID and password. From here you choose VIP-CSL>Admissions and follow the instructions. Be sure to double check your application for grammar and spelling before you submit. Apply before the deadline and you will be contacted after the deadline to let you know if you have been advanced to the interview.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students are eligible to apply if they:

  • Are in good academic standing
  • Are in their second term of study (or later)
  • Will be registered in courses during the term they intend to complete VIP or returning the following term (e.g. Not taking summer courses but returning to courses in the fall)

Can I apply in my first term here at the University?

  • No, you can’t apply in your first term. You need to have successfully completed at least one term and be in your second term of study (or later) here at the University of Windsor to be eligible to apply to VIP.

Do I have to be registered in classes to complete VIP?

Not necessarily. If you are applying to complete VIP in the summer, are not taking summer classes, but will return to study in the fall, this is okay and you can apply. If you are in this situation and complete VIP your transcription notation will appear on the term following, when you are in classes. If you are on a scheduled break from your program but will be returning to class the following term, this is also okay (for example you are in a co-op program but not in the co-op stream and have a term with no classes).

How do you decide who gets an interview?

Students will be invited to interview if they:

  • Submit a quality application before the deadline
  • Are in good academic standing (cumulative and major average over 60%)
  • Are in their second term of study (or later)
  • Will be registered in courses during the term they intend to complete VIP or returning the following term (e.g. Not taking summer courses but returning to courses in the fall)

When I interview, is it for a specific position or more generally, for the VIP program?

It is a general admission interview for the program. We will not know what positions are available until later on in the admission process.

What kind of interview will it be?

Interviews are approximately 10 minutes in length, individual, and are completed by 1-2 interviewers. You are expected to act and dress professionally, bring your resume, and arrive 5 minutes before your time slot. Our interviewers are experienced and will do their best to make you feel comfortable. Interviews will be conducted on Blackboard in the virtual classroom.

What if I need an accommodation for the interview or for the placement?

Speak with the Applied Learning Coordinator in person, contact by email at to set up a meeting time.

Can I find my own VIP position?

Yes. The volunteer role must allow you to apply knowledge from your specific degree program, take place at a non-profit community organization off campus, and be approved by the VIP coordinator in advance.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, the cost is $100 and this covers marketing materials, software, and insurance for students. You are not asked to pay the fee until after you have been accepted and have seen the positions available for the term.

How do I get matched with my VIP placement?

Students are only matched with a role that they applied to. Matches are made by the coordinator based on best fit while looking at academic program, job description and student resumes.

How do I decide what roles to apply to?

You will view all roles and decide which roles you are interested in and submit your preferences.You will have ample time to read the detailed position descriptions and decide. Consider the location, schedule, potential impact, and relevance to your interests.

Can I be matched with more than one position?

No, students can only have one position. You can apply to and complete VIP again in a future term to experience a different position.

What do I get out of this experience?

Successful students will be awarded a certificate (signed by the President of the University), a notation of their academic transcript, skills, and experience. You will develop professional skills including: targeted resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and clarification or confirmation of career preferences. You may also learn something new about yourself, gain confidence in your skills or have a transformational experience.

Does the role I’m matched with have to relate to my current program of study?

Yes. Community service learning, by definition, involves applying some of your degree-relevant knowledge in the position. This means the position must relate to your program in some way.

What academic programs does VIP-CSL support?

Many community partners work directly with the vulnerable population within our community, so they are often looking for students from Psychology and Social Work. Non-profits are often in need of fundraising and marketing, so students from Business, Communication Studies, English and Literature programs are commonly asked for. Many community organizations help provide or support education in children and young adults so if you have strong math, science, and English skills from your degree program you could consider one of our many youth tutoring roles. Other programs that may be requested are Criminology, Sociology, Disability Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Visual Arts, Political Science, Human Kinetics, Liberal and Professional Studies. If you want to know what could be possible for your specific degree program, send an email to and ask us.

Do you have any accounting roles?

As we only work with non-profit organizations, it is rare that we have a role related soley to accounting. We sometimes have roles related to finance.

Do you have any engineering roles?

No, we have not been asked for engineering specific skills from any of the community organizations we work with. As an engineering student you could apply your math and science skills through a VIP position tutoring elementary or high school students. Sometimes we have a position for computer science that could suit a student from computer science or engineering.

Can I work with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or family physician as a VIP position?

No. These practitioners are generally working at for-profit businesses and VIP only partners with non-profit or publicly-funded organizations.

Why can’t I see a full list of what roles you have before I apply?

The needs in our community are constantly changing, so a list posted right now would not be accurate by the end of the admission process when you found you were accepted to VIP. You will be able to see a list of the role available before you are asked to fully commit to VIP by paying the VIP fee. This happens in the first week of the term after the interview and orientation steps. While it is unlikely, if you do not find positions that interest you on this list, you can choose not to pay the fee (and perhaps apply again next term).