Academic Pillar

Faculty and students in lab coats

Instill curiosity, ignite a passion for the discipline, build a solid knowledge base, and develop critical analytical skills to Think Outside the Cage.

Given the cultural mindset and the technical expertise required to make humans the gold standard in the future, it is crucial to educate the next generation of scientists, ethicists, regulators, and policy makers to think outside the cage.

Our academic program is a hallmark feature that makes CCAAM/CaCVAM - and Canada - unique among all other countries with national centres for alternatives. Animal Replacement Science will be the first national and international comprehensive academic initiative encompassing the entire spectrum of alternatives research, from theory and hands-on laboratory practice to ethics and animal sentience to regulatory policies governing animal and human research.

Stacked books on Human Biology and Disease, Human Toxicology, Animal Sentience, Animal Ethics and Law, Human Tissue Research

  • Undergraduate Academic Programs: 
    Minor, Certificate, and Major Degree Programs
  • Graduate Academic Programs:
    1-year MSc, PhD, and Post-Doctoral Training Programs 
  • High School Initiatives:
    Replacing animal dissection with 21st century technologies.

CCAAM will incorporate diverse elements to create an environment highly conducive to learning, including an “Alternatives Abroad” program where our students can train at other alternatives centres across the globe.

CCAAM will work with school boards in the region to promote state-of-the-art technology to bring alternatives into high school dissection labs to replace the use of animals in early education. There is no reason for animal dissections in high schools when even the 22 Canadian universities and hospitals that offer the Advanced Trauma Life Support program ended the use of animals in 2011. Studies indicate that non-animal methods provide an equivalent or superior learning experience.