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Summer Employment Opportunities (SEO) Program Details 2016

The Summer Employment Opportunities (SEO) formerly known as the Summer Experience Program has been launched for 2016. As many of you know, the program provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience as well as career related transferable skills, in addition to knowledge of the general labour market that will assist students in their future career paths.

The ministry provides funding to support SEO positions at institutions to a maximum of $2,875 per position. Full allocation per position is based on the student contract length of 217.5 hours or 30 days based on 7.25 hours per day. Positions are generally for a period of 7-18 weeks and fall between May and Labour Day of each year. Please note the validation for SEO funding of minimum contract length does not restrict any contract length you wish to set; it only relates to the requirements to receive funding.

We ask that institutions fill out the attached job proposal template for student positions keeping in mind that student employees applying for these positions need to meet all of the following eligibility requirements to be considered eligible for funding:

  1. 15 - 24 years of age or up to 29 with a disability
  2. Student status: currently attending, enrolled in the fall, or a recent graduate (within 6 months of the first day of employment)
  3. Eligible to work in Canada, with a SIN card
  4. Living in Ontario during the summer

At the University of Windsor:

  • All proposals must be sent by email to no later than Thursday, February 4. 
  • Applications will only be submitted to the MTCU by the campus SEO representative, once she has obtained approval from HR and the Unions.
  • Should your proposal be approved by the MTCU: hiring, HR paperwork, payment of student employees and tracking of hours is the responsibility of the hiring department, not the SEO representative. Career and Employment Services can help with posting the position to students, however, via mySuccess.
  • Funding from MTCU for approved positions will not be received until the work placement is complete and a final evaluation,  proof of hours worked and amount paid is provided. (Funding is typically received the December following the summer position.)


The University of Windsor SEO representative is Yvonne Currie, Career Development Coordinator. She can reached by phone at 519-253, 3000, ext. 3554, or e-mail


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