Communication Students' Association (CSA)

The Communication Students' Association (CSA) is part of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) and its purpose is to represent CMF students at the University of Windsor.   

CSA brings our students together to plan and facilitate networking events and/or fundraise for CSA activities and community organizations.  Getting involved is a great opportunity to engage with a diverse group of students, act as a liaison between Faculty/Staff and students and gain valuable skills to take into the workplace while having fun!  

2022-23 Executive

  • Jaydlin Spooner, President (spoonerj@uwindsor.ca)

  • Abby Kmet, Vice President (kmet@uwindsor.ca)

  • Lara Al Kabbani, Treasurer (alkabba@uwindsor.ca)

  • Mya Bezaire, Vice President of Events (bezair21@uwindsor.ca)

  • Monica Karch, Double Major Representative (karch@uwindsor.ca)

Hi all! After a two-year hiatus, the Communication Students’ Association (CSA) is back! CSA is a club for CMF students run by CMF students! Our goal is to advocate for the CMF program and host various events and opportunities for the student body, from hang-out nights to student discounts at local food stops to the annual end-of-the-year CMF Gala. 

We want to bring the students of the CMF program together and create networking opportunities that can last a lifetime! 

To get the benefits of CSA, follow us on Instagram: @csa_uwindsor

  • Stay up to date on events and other club activities!

  • Connect with other CMF students

Looking to be more involved? Apply for these roles we have open:

  • Secretary: To design agendas for each meeting, take meeting notes, and ensure communication between all CSA members

  • Finance Coordinator: To assist the Treasurer in budgeting, organizing spreadsheets, financial upkeep, etc.

  • Marketing Coordinator (portfolio required, please send to kmet@uwindsor.ca): To assist the Vice President in the social media marketing of CSA. 

  • Events Coordinator (2): To assist the VP of Events in planning and organizing a variety of events and fundraisers for the CMF student body

  • International Student Rep: To advocate for international CMF students

*If interested, send an e-mail to csacmf@uwindsor.ca