3D printing machine during work process

Executive Level: 360° Overview of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)


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3D Printing, or additive manufacturing (AM), has captured the world’s imagination. Complex component designs in the aerospace and medical industries, jewelry designs, fashion, and archeological artifact reconstructions have all shown to be exciting growth areas for these novel AM solutions.  

Executives and leaders who seek such innovative solutions are encouraged to enrol in this in-person training. 

Understanding the family of Additive Manufacturing processes allows new tools and opportunities to be leveraged. This in-person training module will allow executives to investigate select AM processes and identify if there is a business case to implement in their organizations. Learners will investigate real industry case studies of various processes of 3D printing models, discuss opportunities and challenges for each process and learn about time and resources required to incorporate the AM process into their own organization. 

Learner Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Learn about the seven additive manufacturing processes
  • Identify the opportunities presented by implementing the additive manufacturing family of processes in your organization
  • Recognize the quality issues associated with the additive manufacturing family of processes
  • Consider part accuracy, surface finish and basic performance behaviours
  • Discover the associated infrastructure, system software requirements and employee skills required to leverage select additive manufacturing processes
  • Know the key cost elements to be considered when formulating an ROI

Processes discussed:

  1. Material Extrusion Systems
  2. Metal Powder Bed
  3. Metal DED Processes
  4. Material & Binder Jetting, SLA
  5. Other AM Processes and Materials


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