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Every Organization needs a Felicia Bleary

Felicia is a great example of the type of talent your organization will receive when making the decision to add UWindsor students to your recruitment plan.

An eccentric, intelligent and motvated young professional with a strong and diverse skill set. Felicia shines because of her "can do" attitude and reliability. An employee who brings poise and heart to every task she tackles in both the classroom and the workplace.

Learn more about Felicia to get an idea of why UWindsor should be your top choice for student talent:

Felicia Bleary

Program: Bachelor of Commerce Honours Business Administration Co-op
Year: 4
Co-op placements:

  • University of Windsor - Centre for Executive and Professional Education
  • Highbury Canco Corporation
  • Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA)

Other Activities:

  • Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) - Heart and Stroke Foundation

"I hope to align myself with not just an employer but mentors who see my potential and have the resources to help me fly!"


Felicia Bleary at WDBA

Felicia Bleary is a fourth-year Business student, concentrating in Finance at the University of Windsor. Co-op was a huge deciding factor in her final decision on where she was going to receive her post-secondary education. Co-op has provided her with confidence, diversified skills, and the base of her network as she entered the workforce as a young professional. She believes her work terms will be the edge for her need to stand out in a competitive job market and has contributed to her marketability when set beside other candidates. Each co-op experience has left her with some lessons as well, but the most important lessons were about learning the kind of leader she wanted to be and self-advocacy. 


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