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E-OSSA 12 Update no 5. May 1, 2020

E-OSSA 12 Update Letter no 5


Hello OSSA Participants. 


You are being patient and understanding, and we organizers appreciate it.  Thank you so much! 


With the conference just over a month away (June 3 - 6), we are starting to put the pieces together and see a way forward.  Our first step is to get all the papers and comments up on the OSSA Archive website.  For technical reasons we cannot do this for you – you have to do it yourself.   Please do it as soon as you can, starting next week. Here is the link you need to upload your paper: .   Click on ‘submit event’.  If this is your first OSSA there will be a some questions about affiliation etc. to answer.


(In case you didn’t know, the OSSA Archives at the University of Windsor contains papers and responses from previous OSSA conferences (1995- 2016).  It holds 1360 papers and has had nearly 196,000 downloads from all over the world (over 43,000 last year).   We are using the Archive site for the conference, so formatting etc is not very important at this point.  Papers and commentaries will be edited in the summer and fall before becoming permanent in the OSSA Archive.


If you are making a pre-recorded AV presentation then you can use any of the major formats (BePress can accept: mp3, mp4, m4a, flv, RTMP, QuickTime video, RealVideo, SWF, wma, avi); the Archive can also accept video hosted on Vimeo and YouTube).


We still haven’t decided on how to do the live presentations.  By next week we hope to have further instructions in that regard.


Those of you who haven’t yet told us which mode of presentation you prefer (see last Update Letter), please let us know right away.  We need that information to develop the schedule of sessions.  If we do not hear from you, C (text and text) is the default option.


Here are some considerations to keep in mind:


(i) Please keep the same title for your essay when you upload it to the Archive that it has on the Proto-Programme sent out last week.  There have been a few changes already that we have incorporated.  If you feel you must still make a change, please let us know so we can update the programme to have the correct content.  (ii) There is always a temptation to make improvements and corrections to earlier versions of our papers, but if you have already sent your paper to your commentator (as we hope you have) do not change your paper in any way that could affect the response your commentator is preparing.  That would be unfair to them.


This brings us to the final item of this communication.  IMPORTANT.  Some presenters have withdrawn their papers.  This is understandable in the time of COVID-19.  Still, our records show that 80 of the original 90 presenters are still on the programme, but we have only received 53 papers so far, which means that 27 are outstanding.   It may be you have sent your paper to your commentator and not to OSSA, and our information is not complete, in which case send your paper to <> right away, please.  But if you don’t think you will be able to finish your paper and send it to your commentator by next week, then you should withdraw, and let us know, so we can give our attention where it is most needed.   OSSA really doesn’t want to have a pairing of a paper and commentary where the commentator hasn’t had at least a few weeks to consider their response.


We hope you are staying well and we look forward to participating in the E-OSSA 12 conference with you.  Although we will miss the comradery (and drinks) of a physically-present conference, we can take comfort in the thought that we are, nevertheless, growing the field of argumentation studies.


Best regards,   Hans and Chris

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