UWindsor Together: Student Mental Health and Remote Learning Services

CLIF Abstracts 2009-10

The following projects foster inclusion and promote success for learners as well as innovate, build on existing research into practice, offer a clear rationale, demonstrate a clear plan, and focus explicitly on enriching the University’s learning-centred environment.

The 2009-10 CLIF recipients are:

Student-Centred Approach to Course Development
Dora Cavallo-Medved, Julie Smit, & Kirsten Poling, Department of Biological Sciences

Enhancing Moral Literacy of First-Year Nursing Students Through Engagement in “Virtual” Ethical Grand Rounds
Sharon McMahon & Kathy Pfaff, Faculty of Nursing

Enhancing Student Learning Experiences in Introductory Statistics Labs
Mohammed Baki, Odette School of Business & Fouzia Baki, Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Enhancing Nursing Education of Large Groups: Using Simulation on a Grander Scale
Deborah Dayus & Judy Bornais, Faculty of Nursing

Experiential Learning Through a Mentor-Based Resiliency Intervention for “At-Risk” Youth in Urban Secondary Schools
Geri Salinitri, Faculty of Education & Victoria Paraschak, Department of Kinesiology

Facilitating Student Engagement: Teaching Industrial Health and Safety (IH&S) With Cases
Fouzia Baki, Waguih ElMaraghy, & A. Ziout, Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Techniques to Assess Professional Identity Learning in Interdisciplinary Programs
Gemma Smyth, Faculty of Law & Suzanne McMurphy, School of Social Work

Developing Effective Teaching Guidelines for Post-Secondary Course Websites Based on Universal Instructional Design
Irene Carter & Donald Leslie, School of Social Work

City as Media: Connecting Theory and Practice Through Urban Media Studies
Michael Darroch, Department of Communication, Media & Film

University Civic Engagement: The Critical Role of Student Internships in Community Revitalization
Mary Medcalf & Cheryl Taggart, School of Social Work

Improving Scaffolding for Problem-Solving in Junior Level Electromagentic Waves
Chitra Rangan, Department of Physics