Free barbecue a campus welcome for part-time students

The Organization of Part-time University Students welcomed its members to campus with a free welcome barbecue outside the CAW Student Centre on Tuesday.

Several hundred part-time students, staff, faculty and alumni turned out, drawn by the smell of hotdogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers grilled by Catering Services. In addition to the free grub, members attending the eighth annual event received gifts such as OPUS t-shirts, water bottles and notebooks.

OPUS president Edward King welcomed UWindsor faculty and staff including Clayton Smith, Vice-Provost Students & International, and staff members from the Canadian Federation of Students.

“This event was a hit,” said OPUS staffer Steve Jancev. “Everyone who attended seemed to enjoy themselves and the music entertainment very much.”

United Way barbecue volunteers

Hotdogs! The retirees’ barbecue for United Way raised $860 for the charity Tuesday. Serving up the good stuff were volunteers Bonn Sotto, Beth Abson, Tom Moffat and Frank Stuhlmueller. The campus United Way campaign will hold its next fundraising barbecue on Thursday, October 6.