Foundation funding to support natural compound research

Providing a catalyst for positive change in the world is the operating principle of the Jesse and Julie Rasch Foundation. Widely-known for supporting a broad range of philanthropic projects, the foundation has just approved $80,000 in research funding for biochemistry professor Siyaram Pandey’s project, Evaluation of anti-cancer effect of various compounds against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

According to foundation chair Jesse Rasch, Dr. Pandey’s research into natural compounds in the fight against cancer is the type of work the organization has a mandate to support.

“I am an entrepreneur and I look at investing in research in the same way my company looks at investing in start-ups and venture capital,” Rasch says. “We provide seed money for interesting ideas that will hopefully be able to attract the larger grants once there is proof of concept to be able to fund clinical trials. We do what we can to get things kick-started.”

Rasch says a media article about Pandey’s dandelion root research caught the attention of the foundation and falls in line with other natural compound research they support.

“This is an opportunity to fund someone who has demonstrated the potential of something that exists within the natural space,” he says. “This is one of our areas of focus.”

Pandey’s work in alternative compounds in the treatment of some cancers first came to the attention of the public following a research grant from the Windsor Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation through its Seeds4Hope program, which provides start-up funding for locally-based, new and innovative cancer research.