Study seeks input on using learning analytics to support teaching and learning

An interdisciplinary team of researchers is developing a best-practices guide for using learning analytics in Ontario higher education institutions. The research team will conduct a survey and facilitate focus groups to explore ways to help instructors make sense of learning analytics tools and reports, and use them to improve learning for their students.

Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts to understand and optimize their learning and the design of the environment. Students automatically generate a trace of their learning behavior in online environments, which instructors can use for pedagogical decision-making and to personalize learning experiences. However, Canadian institutions are only just beginning to leverage this data, and this research will help to ensure that learning analytics can be used appropriately to improve outcomes.

If you are an instructor, student, or staff member in the University of Windsor community and are interested in participating in the study, click on the link to the survey or e-mail research associate Ashlyne O’Neil at to sign up for a focus group.