display of books with Tribal Nations map in backgroundThe Leddy Library is displaying books it has acquired recently to expand its collection of Indigenous-themed material.

Library expands collection of Indigenous-themed materials

An investment by the Leddy Library in strengthening its book collection in strategic areas informed by academic needs has resulted in the acquisition of materials by Indigenous and other authors and publishers in a range of disciplines.

More than 100 items have been purchased, with more being ordered. The library is displaying many of these new books, along with some artifacts contributed by the Aboriginal Education Centre, in cases and on bulletin boards on its main floor through January.

“An appreciation for the importance of Indigenous issues is finally reaching the tipping point — at the University, in the media, and in politics,” says librarian Jennifer Soutter. “It has become big enough for us to make a successful bid for more resources.”

She has posted a map of First Nations and Inuit peoples near the library’s information desk, inviting members of the campus community to suggest updates.

“Some of the information on the map is incorrect or incomplete, so we thought to make revising it into a participatory project,” she says. “I also want students to be able to take it into classrooms.”

The library has compiled lists of resources in Indigenous Studies for students and for faculty and administration on its research tools website.

Read more about the displays on the library website.