box filled with canned goodsThe Women’s and Gender Studies Student Association has installed a box in Chrysler Hall South to collect donations for the Campus Food Bank.

Student group issues call for food bank support

The Women’s and Gender Studies Student Association has issued a challenge to students and staff to support the Campus Food Bank over the summer slowdown.

“Many students do not have the privilege of going home after the end of the winter session,” says alumni rep Candy Spencer.

The club has installed a box in room 252, Chrysler Hall South, to collect donations. Organizers hope to fill it every two weeks during the intersession and summer period.

Items of particular need include: cereal, peanut butter, jams, canned fruit and vegetables, tomatoes, sauces, beans and pulses, soup and stews, juice boxes, toilet paper, paper towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorants, razors and shaving lotions, shampoo and hand soaps, feminine supplies.

Strategic Priority: